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CONGRATULATIONS!  You are one of the 57M freelancers in the US who has decided to build a career on your terms. We are excited to have you join the eventsGig community because we are building a special talent marketplace designed especially for the event marketing industry. Many of those other freelance sites don’t offer event-related job opportunities but here, our goal is to help our industry recover and match the best opportunities to the best talent to get the job done! We have made the process simple and easy so you can work on projects you love and optimize your earnings.


Create your Profile

List your services and qualifications to showcase your talent with experience.

Helpful Tip: Be specific when choosing the words to describe your skillset in the Keyword search. Casting a broad net is not a great tactic, you want to find the right match for your skillset and personality. 

Ex. if you have never had a position as an event strategist but think that you could do the job, it is better not to list that as experience.

Search for Opportunities

Find projects that excite you and allow you to set your timing and price to match your skills.

Submit a Bid

Provide a bid and pricing to complete the work.

Get Hired and Get Paid

Get paid per agreed terms through timely online payment options.



2023 Fees:

There are no fees for Freelancers.


What are the biggest obstacles for Freelancers to get clients?

Not having enough relevant/specific information in their profile.

How do I get jobs on eventsGIG?

A thorough profile is a start, but flexibility will help when building your rating.

Do you offer any benefits?

Not currently. But as we grow, it is part of our plan, so stay tuned.

Does payment matter if I want to get paid hourly or project-based?

You would make the payment arrangements with the organization.

Could I make good money working as a Freelancer?

It has been projected that 43% of the US workforce is considered a freelancer. They must be doing something right!

Do I bid on business or am I matched with a buyer?

Both! You can actively work the site to find the right gigs for you, or you can have a more passive experience and wait to be matched. You can be successful in both strategies.

How soon could I get a project?

This depends on a few variables, but we are always bringing on new clients and looking for new freelancers to match them with. You can always reach out to us for help.

Are any of the jobs international?

We are US focused currently, but an organization may hire you to work on an international program.

How do I get paid?

The arrangements are discussed and set up between you and the organization.

How can I improve my page to get more work?

List your experience, skills, and interests. Offer insight into what your skill set, and interests are. If you are having trouble, you can work with one of our talent specialists.

Am I allowed to ask a buyer for a review?

Absolutely! One of the best ways to get more jobs is to have a high rating.

As a freelancer, what tax form will you provide me?

Your tax status will be registered by the organization and based on tax laws, you will either receive a 1099 or W2 form the hiring organization.