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Thank you for being such an important part of our event community. Event Agencies have been instrumental in supplementing organizations teams to deliver exceptional experiences. 

You obviously understand the important trend of the gig economy and how the future of talent and events align to create new opportunities in a post-pandemic world. 

eventsGIG provides agencies the ability to look for freelance talent. It’s an ideal marketplace to help agencies recover and thrive as the event industry comes back.  

We are confident you will find bright and experienced event experts to support organizations your needs. We have made the process simple to allow you to use this marketplace.


Post a job

Describe what role you need and more about your project. eventsGig connects you with top event talent that aligns to that description.

Receive bids from interested talent

You can then compare their bids to choose the right eventsGIG talent for you.  Simply hire your best match!

Track Progress

Use eventsGIG to track project milestones and share project files.

Authorize Payment

Based on the agreed scope of work, you can choose to pay hourly or a fixed-price.




For 2023, Agencies pay a 18% commission on all contracts. A 4% non-refundable and non-cancellable processing fee will be charged on all booked revenue secured through the platform.




Is there any limit to the number of freelancers we can hire?

No, eventsGIG allows unlimited access

What if I am unhappy with the work a Freelancer has provided? 

Let us know what went wrong and we will work with you to make it right. 

Will you accept a PO or Credit Card?

We will accept both forms of payment.

What if I want to hire a Freelancer for full-time work? 

We say YAY! We love when we have made a long-lasting match. We charge a 25% finders fee of their first year’s salary. That is all listed in the pricing section.